Friday, September 04, 2009

100th post - dream prophecy

I dream a lot. And I dream vivid. For the last few weeks I've been 'receiving detailed dream messages' in the form of strange apocalypse-riddled narratives. Now, I know this is nonsense (archiving of the day's events) but this morning's dream spurred me into revelation.

Real time 05:50. I know this because the alarm went of at 06:00.

A penned farm or ranch with a road through it. The owners side. The animals side. In the animals side, just before sundown, Alex Jones is thrown spectacularly from his horse. He stands there, having landed on his feet, like nothing happened. Says, "That's the way it is with horses. One minute you're on them. The next you're off."

Later that night, in the dark, the Fighting Bear ("that's what they do, fight." the owner says) is gored to death by some huge beast with horns, also the resident snow leopard/tiger hybrid 'loses a hand'. I don't see who dies or anything but a fourth animal "the Lynx came back" after the skirmish.

The owner unveils a 'plot to steal one of his beasts', some wheel-ramps under a tarp. As we're leaving, a man in the field is being attacked by 'bees'? The comment is, "There's something in the air, attacking us."

I haven't analysed what this dream means, who can really know? But, it was such a strange, relevant-somehow dream that it was worth putting on the blog.

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