Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home Office comes clean over 100% SWINE FLU vaccination

Now, remember, the vaccine for this three parts swine, two parts bird, one part human novel virus is basically untested. Pertinent questions about the amounts of aluminium hydroxide, mercury, squalene-based adjuvants and CANCER VIRUSES in the swine flu(sic) vaccine still remain. On top of this, a document has fallen into certain hands that outlines plans for 100% vaccination of the UK population agaisnt 'swine flu'.

A UK government document dated July 20th has surfaced that issues instructions to local government officials responsible for managing a "swine flu" pandemic emergency to establish centralised "specialist mass vaccination centers".

It is stated that the document is meant "only" for emergency planning agencies such as Regional Resilience Teams (RRT), and Local Resilence Teams (LRTs), and "not for wider circulation."

An emphasis is given to the need to plan for "mass fatalities" as a matter of inevitability rather than as a possibility and with crematoria to play a critical role.

Also, it is stated that the UK government has the capacity to purchase up to 132 million doses from Baxter and GSK to accomplish the goal of 100% "coverage".

Either this is a BLATANT EUGENICS ENDGAME ATTACK on all of us or our governments are innoculating us against a Global Bioweapons attack. It really is time for the Home Office to come clean about why they intend to 100% vaccinate this country against a flu that shouldn't exist, an engineered novel virus that's nothing like 'seasonal flu'. Give us the truth, no matter how bad and we'll deal with the fallout.

Here's the kicker, did you know that the World Health Organisation was a Rothschild-Rockefeller creation? Do your fucking research, people. Beat this game.

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nomadrush said...

It just gets more unbelievable by the day doesn't it!

They are now saying in the USA that soon you won't be able to travel away from your home, unless you are wearing a micro-chipped bracelet proving you have had the vaccine.

This stinks!

Ross Hemsworth