Monday, September 28, 2009


pepper spray
water cannons
baton charges
rubber bullets
padded shotgun rounds
LRAD or microwave energy weapons.

this is just a short list of things the Police will and can use against you if you decide to Peacefully Protest. These things used to be called NON LETHAL WEAPONS. That was fine, the Police could contain riots without resorting to bayonet or sabre charges which used to be their only resort.

In recent times, we've seen a rise in the number of innocent people being TORTURED with these non-lethal methods of control: multiple and drawn out abuse of tasers being a modern-day classic. Waterboarding as a a non-lethal means of interrogating TERRORISTS have recently been highlighted in the media. All torture is illegal, even in war.

Then, people started to DIE when abused with these non-lethal devices. Therefore, and this may have gone UNREPORTED in your mainstream media, be careful out there when Peacefully Protesting the New World Order: they're now using LESS LETHAL weapons on You The People. Less lethal. Did you miss the reclassification?

Yes, you can be killed by the Police if you protest. How oppressed does that make you feel?

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