Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yigal Ozeri - Mike Weiss Gallery - New York

Sept 18, 2009
Yes, these are paintings - oil on paper.

Yigal Ozeri is an Israeli painter who has lived and worked for the last twenty years in New York. Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites (artists from nineteenth century England who went out into nature and celebrated it) his cinematic portraits challenge perception and illusion. His latest exhibition at Mike Weiss Gallery in New York is called Desire for Anima, as a tribute to Carl Jung’s concept of the unconscious or true inner self of an individual.

He uses real people and he lets them just be in their natural environment: using a big lens from somewhere near, he captures the spontaneous. Ozeri may be hidden in a safe place and he may keep a certain distance from his models, but it is exactly this distance that lets him intimate, get into the core. He uses fantasy to connect with reality. In a kind of a Renaissance teacher-student relationship, Ozeri works with a big crew that collaborates on all the aspects of the creative process of bringing these amazing photo-realist paintings to our imagination.

Finally, here's a look at them in situ in the gallery. Lovely work. Great gallery space.

October 24 Update:
On November 5, Yigal Ozeri will be showing new works on paper and canvas at Galerie Andreas Binder in Munich, Germany. The exhibition, Desire for Anima, will be on view through January 24, 2010.

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