Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Do you care about YOUR planet?

I've decided to bring publication of CHIMERAWORLD 6 (new world disorder) forward to 'mid-October 2009'.


Well, let's put it this way, "Why do you fucking care?"

It looks very much, to me, like You The People are really going to enjoy being MURDERED by your Fascist Overlords in multiple ways in the coming decades; starvation, political execution, water poisoning, tainted vaccines, financial ruin, research experiments on Earth's upper atmosphere, corporate war for PROFIT and general biological Valhalla.

Which would be great if you were a DNA Viking... In fact, you there, soldier chuckling into your Weetos in someone else's country, know this - there's no honourable death in a just war awaiting you. You're in the front line of vaccine genocide, that's it. You there, you so-called thugs in the Police Force - don't worry, the private foreign contracters will have as much fun raping you and your children as they'll have with us, the Useless Eaters.

You The People, though I despise my race for having to say this, have been BRED to enjoy your pain and humiliation. You've been educated in the ways of tyranny so completely you will LOVE the jackboot forever stamping down on your face.

Chimeraworld 6 (new world disorder) is a 170 pages, presenting 22 writers from around the world (and a space for You The People) who've woken up to the dire future of corporate tyranny. I'll bring it out in American format trade paperback via Chimericana Books in a couple of days' time. Don't bother buying it. It's only going to upset you. It's only going to wake you up. And we don't want that, right?

What the fuck do you care about the future of your planet, your life and the life of your kids? I'll tell you what you care ... ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL.

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