Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Galactic Centre Energy and Global Warming.

Al Gore can make all the Oscar-winning movies he wants, he can win all the Nobel Peace Prizes he wants, he can have all the corporate lie-makers he wants on his team, he can try to make as much money as he wants from our BREATHING. Well, he can try, but he will not prevail.

One reason: people really aren't THAT FUCKING STUPID - they realise that so-called Global Warming has nothing to do with car exhaust or human breathing. Especially as it's been getting COLDER, such that the 'scientists' have had to rename their terror theory Climate Change. Seriously.

Another (less known) reason: the Galactic Centre is giving off intense radiation fields. How does that affect Global Warming? In fact, how does it affect DNA evolution?

The Galactic Centre has been giving off growing fields of energy for the last five centuries. This radiation has made the sun more active. The sun's activity has caused SOLAR SYSTEM WIDE changes; not just the Earth but also Venus, Mars, Neptune and even relegated planet Pluto have experienced MASSIVE changes in their planetary properties. There are definitely NOT a lot of cars or humans on any of these planets, so SOMETHING ELSE must be going on, some other mechanism must be responsible. On Earth, this means not only atmospheric changes but also lots more seismic activity and the oceans that are being warmed FROM WITHIN. Yes, Earth is getting warmer, internally.

There's a suggestion (from several researchers) that these energy fields pouring out from the Galactic Centre is affecting DNA. There's several researchers who're postulating that over the last 5,000 years our DNA has altered MORE than that change of DNA between Neanderthals and pyramid builders from 5,000 years ago. There's a MASSIVE ACCELERATION in the metamorphosis of our DNA structures in the area of abstract symbolism and pattern recognition. Several have suggested that this energy field is CONSCIOUS, at least cogniscent of BIOLOGICAL STRUCTURE.

It's like the Galaxy (for the last couple million years) has been REPROGRAMMING us and we're right at the end of this process. Interested yet?

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