Sunday, October 11, 2009

screw your conspiracy theories

I've been an investigator/proponent of various so-called Conspiracy Theories (via this blog) for the last ... oh, five or seven years, I guess. Ever since a buddy of mine said, "Did you see the squibs?" referring to the exploding-as-it-fell World Trade Centres 1 and 2. Yeah, I (finally) saw the squibs, years after the event itself. I remember EXACTLY where I was on that insane day. Later on the same day, I heard the 'scripted live reporting' on the traumatic penetration into the minds of America. I believed that for three or four years...

I remember exactly where I was when 7-7 London Bombings happened, too.
I'm sure the same is true for all Madrid inhabitants on THEIR false flag day 11-3.
As do those who are suspicious that the Federal Reserve killed John F Kennedy.

But, I'm completely sick of your CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

I'm sick of the factionism, those for and those against these Conspiracy Theories (no matter how much evidence either side has). I'm sick of the global Chess Game, in which 'the powers that be' consider all of us nothing more than pawns. I'm sick of the fake Cold War that appears to have been a large-territory East-West-infowar or sociological experiment, much like Mao's China. I'm sick of corporate spy factions fucking around with the real OWNERS OF THIS PLANET, that's you and I. I'm sick of the idiots who deliver bullshit like the Annunaki and the ETs and the Eugencis Agenda with slavering gusto. I'm sick of the self-delusion and the denial.

Look, it's dead simple, WE OWN THIS FUCKING PLANET, not the maritime-law-invented corporate piracies - no matter who tells you differently. You The People, all six billion of you, own this planet. It's yours, FOR FREE. You The People don't like the government? Get rid of them. Get creative. Get active. Take back your planet from the criminal element who wanna enslave you and make you pay for every fucking breath you'll take.

And let's all grow up, already.

Let's ERADICATE secretive Conspiracy Theories so that You The People actually KNOW what's going on here on Planet Earth, at every step of the game. You The People deserve TOTAL OPENNESS OF ELECTED GOVERNMENT. We're all grown up now. We can all deal with the global ramifications of our actions, as a race. We don't need a nanny state with hierarchical privileges. We need open, elected governments (let's call them elected managers) we can trust. We need world understanding. We need freedom from the insane cost of war for PROFIT.

We need our shining-armour journalists to turn their mighty pens on the GAMES THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS ARE PLAYING, at our expense, with out hard-earned blood, sweat and tears. We need these tyrannical tacticians EXPOSING and we need this to happen now. Come on, mainstream media. Get a pair. Free this world.

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Steven Bartholow said...

Damn straight and well said.