Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Depleted Uranium and Ukraine haemorrhagic flu

BREAKING NEWS: reports are starting to surface about the link between symptoms of the Ukrainian haemorrhagic flu (which is far more lethal than this pathetic W.H.O. A-H1N1 'pandemic') and symptoms of Depleted Uranium poisoning.


There are reports of CHEMTRAILING in the skies of Ukraine before the recent outbreak of lethal haemorrhagic flu. And I know what you're thinking, "There's no way you can have that reaction that fast from DUst." Well, scientists proved that nano-particles of TEFLON will kill mice within FOUR HOURS. Weaponised DUst is nano-particlised. It's in via osmosis. Then your cells erupt. Simple.

Who'd have thought the geo-engineering chemtrailing would turn out to be the perfect mechanism for genocide? Remember that for years, the United Nations, using the American Army and Coilition Forces in its blood-lust campaign to spread DEMOCRACY throughout the world has done so from behind a hailstorm of Depleted Uranium bullets; dust from which not only affects DNA mutation in invaded populations like Serbia and Iraq but also ruins the troops using it - double the financial returns for the same kill ratios.

It's a wonderful corporate world.

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