Wednesday, December 09, 2009

renounce the corporate for-profit god

one man reaching down to help anotherit's not necessarily the (Satanic) Zeitgeist (Project Eden) Movement that sparked this off but the INSISTENCE by Americans that THEY have a God-Given Right to perform as they do on the global stage that is a bit of an annoyance. Basic fact is some radical religious factions fled to The New World to escape persecution in Europe. That's all.

Do those staunch Christians (of various denominations) not realise that the greatest amount of wool pulled over the eyes of the masses wears the cloth of religion? I know you believe, and I know you'd like to believe that the Bible is relevant to your liberation from tyranny or demons or pixies, BUT IT'S NOT.

It's just a series of disparate stories and propaganda rewritten time and again to suit the politics of the day.

Seriously, we're killing each other and allowing ourselves to be KILLED because of some mischievous mass control device the Romans invented more than a hundred years after the death of Yeshua ben Yosef.

I pity humanity if it thinks that THEIR GOD will f**king save them from anything. I like the idea that the Alex Jones show puts itself across as non-religious dais upon which to unveil the machinations of the New World Order. But the majority of listeners to his show, and the majority of people who're reading this BELIEVE that there's a Living God and he'll somehow SAVE US.

This will INDEED be the most difficult evolutionary step for the (certainly American) masses to take. And I'm not just picking on the descendants of The Founding Fathers, this goes for all Character Religions, like Christianity and Islam and.... they're all made in man's image, not the supposed other way round. I mean, seriously, I was brought up a Catholic, I understand the indoctrination and the lure of the almighty, the everlasting, but IT'S JUST A CON to a) bring in money for the bloated Vatican and b) keep you suppressed under a bewildering moral code.

Yes, you can FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS if this applies to smashing the bankers' lending tables, if this means freeing humanity from the yolk of corporatism. You do this BECAUSE you love the FREE PLANET that we're supposed to live on. You do this BECAUSE you LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN and partake in the rich and varied tapestry of communal life. You do this because otherwise you're all sheep for the slaughter come JUDGEMENT DAY - and though I'm no believer in such a PROPHESIED time, I am a believer that TPTB now have the power to enact such a GLOBAL CATASTROPHY in the name of profit. Renounce corporate control over your mind, grow up, be an adult, help expose and crush TYRANNY and all will be well.

I know for a FACT that there are some Brave Warriors of God who are out there RIGHT NOW praying for my soul ... and you know what, the irony is YOUR PRAYERS will probably matter. NOT because you believe there's some 'celebrity in the sky' who will appreciate the time and effort you have put in trying to enhance (somehow) my soul but because you're THINKING OF ANOTHER HUMAN and hoping ill doesn't befall him.

That's MORE LIKE WHAT I'M TALKING about - that one man CARES for another such that he'll spend time, in his own thoughts and hopes, building that person even stronger with his prayers.

The more time people think POSITIVELY (communally) on these real expressions of love and one-ness the more likely it will benefit the whole of mankind. I mean seriously, the TYRANNY on this planet is beyond a joke and most of it's a MIND CONTROL GAME on 'You The People'. I don't think we need a 'bearded poster child' to start loving each other for who we are.

We are SCREWED AS A SPECIES until we STOP loving some abstract concept like 'god' and START loving our fellow 'man', our planet.

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