Saturday, February 20, 2010

Favela Rising - stop playing their game.

Favela Rising, winner of 35 international film awards, tells the story of how one 'favela' or 'clan' within the hillside slum villages of Brazil, instead of playing the CIA-funded drug and guns game, just stopped playing by the corporate rules.

They set their favela free from omnipotent drug lords and commiting crime for drug money and indulging in random death for no real cause by investing their time and energy in their own brand of Affro Reggae musical inspiration. They found their soul and shared it with the human beings in neighbouring favelas. And this proves that that's how easy it is to EVOLVE mankind to a higher state.

Forget the lure of profit.
Forget the corporate dogma.
Forget the hatred of others.

You The People are more than wage slaves and deserve a better life on this FREE PLANET, and only seven billion people working together can bring about this change and nullify the insidious corporate influence in our once-free lives.

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