Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pastor Lindsey Williams - 2010 and beyond - socio-political manipulation of the masses.

now, for me, you're at liberty to read the title of this post BOTH ways, 1) Pastor Lindsey Williams (himself) is satanically guiding society aka the financial institutions towards Armageddon with racist machinations of his own cruel design or 2) Pastor Lindsey Williams is actually in crucial contact with an 87 year old guardian angel from his oil industry past who is NOW READY TO THROW OFF THE GLOVES and reveal, in exhaustive detail, the diabolical plans of the New World Order.

And remember, though I don't support or promote any Personality God or sermons thereof, Pastor Lindsey Williams (or rather his oil industry contact) was bang on about the yoyoing price of oil over the last couple of years and the parallel decimation of the Arab states, and we all know corporate wars are all about foreign countries' assets and manipulation of ownership. They're also about balkanising a country into financial and political disarrary so that their Global Governance plan can be more effective in those broken regions, and they will use ANY UNDERHAND TACTIC to achieve their TARGETS.

Here are Lindsey Williams' dire warnings (I don't like the term prediction when it's from an elite whistleblower) for 2010 and beyond:

1) 2010 US Dollar will be devalued 30% - 50% (He says later in show that the US Dollar will be dead by 2012. They are doing it incrementally, and in a coordinated fashion, so people don't wake up! (He thinks 50% in Next 12 months, and they will be withdrawing it from your bank accounts).

2) Dubai World has had an $80 billion default. They were the #1 holder of Derivatives.

3) A shakeup in the U.S. Elections in November 2010. Major upsets. (Biden promoted to POTUS?)

4) Israel is invading Hamas and assassinating leaders.

5) Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen (a distraction and keeping the Bankers drug business going as well as control of oil pipelines).

6) No shortage of food and water, but you won't be able to buy it due to the expense (2010, 2011, 2012) and you will be hungry.

7) If FL and other areas have crop failures, they will bring them in from another Country.

8 ) Crude Oil - He said that it's not $80 per barrel, but $50 (in terms of purchasing power of the dollar. The Saudi's need $80 to maintain their infrastructure and they are now losing money daily. The guy was very sarcastic when he said this. A TYPICAL TRAIT OF THE ELITE - ARROGANCE).

9) Dubai City went down over Thanksgiving and defaulted (an interesting time when most of us were busy and not paying attention).

10) OPEC Countries will continue to default on obligations to the World Bank. (The intention).

11) Lindsey says this was all planned and we can't change it. We have to adjust to a new lifestyle. Only thing that could change it is a divine intervention, and he doesn't see that happening.

12) He says to watch Crude Oil prices to see their progression.

13) He says to watch the price of the US Dollar as it deteriorates. (and the POUND, if current speculation bears rotten fruit, ed)

14) They will allow OPEC Countries to have $50 in purchasing power as related to the USD (like what happened 6 months ago when the oil went down to $50 per barrel after it had been up to $150 per barrel. This was all a setup.)

15) Whether the world likes it or not, the Gas will be priced in US Dollars.

16) The Countries who tried to put together a basket of currencies to price Oil in a different currency FAILED!

17) So, if you see the price of crude go to $70/$80 per barrel you know the progression of the deterioration of the US Dollar.

18) As you see Gold and Oil going up, what is actually happening is the US Dollar is going down.

19) The same thing will happen to the other OPEC countries that happened to Dubai.

20) Watch GAS prices at the pump. In the next 12 months it will be 50% more.

21) Israel sent their Mossad into their neighboring countries with forged passports to kill the leaders of Hamas (Hit Squads).

22) Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen are saber rattling. Don't pay attention to it. They use these as a distraction from all the other things they have going at the same time (e.g. the crashing of the American financial system and much more). We are only there to protect the BANKERS interests in opium and the oil pipelines.

23) Afghanistan produces 80% of the world's opium crop and this money funnels through the World Banks (the big ones) and totals more than any one business in the world. (This is but one of the many scams of the BIG BANKERS).

24) There won't be any war with Iran, right now. It will be in 1 - 1.5 years however. (Unless Israel starts it on their own).

25) Distinguish between Dubai City and Dubai World. Dubai City went bankrupt and is now a ghost town. Dubai World tried to buy 40 of our PORTS when Bush was President. (He almost let them have them, but there was a backlash and it was stopped.)

26) Dubai World created the most DERIVATIVES of anyone. $80 Billion which has threatened the entire financial system of the World. Their tentacles reach into every nation of the World.

27) We are going to see some major things on Dubai World.

28) OPEC Oil Countries (Ex: Mexico, Nigeria, Middle East, etc) are going to continue to fall.

29) Everything revolves around crude oil. It's the Standard Currency of the world. Whenever they go to and stay around $70 - $80 per barrel like now, it's actually $50 per barrel in purchasing power (Saudis need $80 just to maintain their infrastructure).

30) HEALTHCARE BILL - It's not a healthcare bill. It is full of many different things and it's about a TOTAL GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER.


32) WARNING: When the collapse comes we must bring them to justice or they will takeover and create their WORLD GOVERNMENT!

33) Gold / Silver is their currency, so that won't be confiscated or touched.

34) Don't trust ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT THAT'S WRITTEN ON PAPER (T-Bills, Federal notes, Retirement, Bonds, Treasury Bonds, etc - IT's all fiat money)

35) He never talks about the Police State, but he has talked about a CHIP THEY'RE PUTTING IN THE VACCINE NEEDLES THAT THEY WANT US TO TAKE. (I saw something in the news recently saying they are now harping on a flu vaccine they want ALL OF US TO TAKE. Could this be part of their game?)

36) If the Strait of Hormus is shut down, gas prices will explode to $10 or more per gallon.



John Fuller said...

"...(He thinks 50% in Next 12 months, and they will be withdrawing it from your bank accounts)."

I don't think I ever heard him say that.
He meant the dollar will lose its value by 30% to 50%.

The only mention of bank accounts was last October [I think] when he said that within two years there will be restrictions on the amount you will be able to withdraw your money from the bank [in the US]

John Fuller said...

Apologies .. I'm being thick!
Of course you mean devaluation affects the amount of purchasing power we have in our balance.

Re. the gold confiscation: I don't think it necessarily follows that gold will be safe for us if that's what the elite uses.
They can store their bars and operate above the law if we have to surrender ours I think...

Mike Philbin said...

no worries, John,

also, my aim with all these blogposts is to POTENTIALLY akawen people to the world of tyranny NOT to (for example) support a 'prophecy aganda', that part of Lindsey Williams I will not promote.