Saturday, February 13, 2010

two totally fucked up films

rather than pretending to be a fucking journalist or something (which I'm not; will never be) and submitting supposed serious reviews of this brace of films I've just seen, I'll blog about (which is what I am, after all; a blogger) them ...

1) A CHRISTMAS TALE (Un Conte De Noel, by Arnaud Desplechin)
it's a French film about a French family. And eveyone's mad. And everyone's broken. And everyone just gets on with their insane unfixable lives.

2) SYNECDOCHE (New York, by Charlie Kaufman)
it's an American film about American creativity. And every personality is split wide open. And every glittering ailment is self-made millionaire. And there's a New York in everyone, within everyone.

at the end of the day ...

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