Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bruce Dell - Unlimited Detail Engine

It's not Voxels.
It's not Ray Tracing.
It's not more textured triangles on more and more powerful graphics cards.

Unlimited Detail Engine from Bruce Dell, recently renamed EUCLIDEON (after the Greek mathematician) is where 3D worlds should have evolved years back.

I got this update from Bruce Dell, this morning:

The Unlimited Detail Engine displays 3D models or groups of models which may be positioned, rotated, scaled and viewed from any direction and with any projection. The technique allows geometry of unlimited complexity to be displayed at interactive frame rates without the need for 3D acceleration hardware.

Unlimited Detail supports Animation. (here's a video of an articulated bird).
In addition to animation, we will be supporting dynamic and destructible environments.

The Unlimited Detail rendering technology does not require significant system memory to run. The geometry may be compressed, instanced and streamed to allow the best mix of runtime and disk based storage as well as support unique geometry.

Unlimited Detail will have both real-time shadows and pre-calculated lighting as well as a variety of advanced lighting options.

This REAL NEXT GENERATION rendering technique could be as revolutionary as the BSP Tree search-to-render method of ID's Quake was in its time but their forthcoming graphics demos sorely need an Art Director to colour balance and light them to better effect.

In marketing, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING and to truly sell this technology past all the invested graphics cards and textured triangular throughput of the video games industry, I beg Unlimited Detail to come up with something like THIS for their next realtime demo:


Ben Newman said...

wow, that looks really interesting. I wonder what the processes are for creating art in a point cloud. sounds complex.

Mike Philbin said...


they've got a hard enough job as it is convincing the Games Industry to abandon its "graphic card war" and custom consoles - if you can't "EXPORT to point cloud" from any 3D art package, they're in BIG TROUBLE.


Mike Philbin said...

2011 news update: EXPORT TO POINT CLOUD just arrived so you can get your data into Unlimited Detail from Maya, 3DS or SCANNED @ 64 'atoms' per cubic millimeter at the closest resolution.

LOL, this is fucking amazing.