Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday Times - James Cameron - Avatar - Iraq

Well, I told ya!

James Cameron (interviewed in the Sunday Times of April 25th 2010) confirms my belief that he is FREE PLANET'S MAN ON THE INSIDE when it comes to exposing the corporate-war-for-profit mentality of the New World Order.

“If you think of nature as a trust fund,” Cameron says, “we are irresponsible trust-fund kids burning through it as fast as possible with no thought of what will happen.”

In Avatar I’m literally saying, "Open your f***ing eyes and look clearly at what happens in these steps to war, listen to the lingo, listen to what people say when they want to go to war."

Avatar's " absolute condemnation of the power of industrial corporations. I feel as strongly about that now as I did in the Sixties. In fact, I’ve looped full circle back to my 17-year-old self. I’ve just got facts to back it up now. I just believed it was true then — now I know it’s true."

And he conned FOX STUDIOS into stumping up half the cash for this glistening anti-corporate tome - gorgeous irony.

Oh, and I realise there's been a lot of discussion about the Hindu aspect of Avatar, the Na'Vi and the blue skin of Vishnu but let's not forget that the Na'Vi's skin is not UNIFORM BLUE, it's sorta camouflaged like a tiger's stripes, or even smeared on the way the ancient Britons used to paint their naked bodies in WOAD before launching into battle against the invading Roman Empire.

Woad has been grown in Europe since the Stone Age and has a long association with East Anglia, notably with Boudicca and the Iceni tribe who used woad to colour their faces before going into battle. Further north the Picts also gained notoriety for their body painting with the blue woad dye. The Romans referred to these Ancient Britons as Picts as it is Celtic for "painted". [source WOAD-INC]


Agent said...

So James Cameron's on the "good team"? Hahaha. Very funny.

Are you falling for his deindustrialization, eco-claptrap?

Here's their scenario: THEY (Prince Charles's feudalists) will have the technology; YOU (serf) will be a peasant. Get it? You're being taken for a ride: they're employing your well-intentioned naivety against you. It's part of the dialectic they use.

Wise up, friend! :)

Mike Philbin said...

well, let's put it like this

1) I'm a real big fan of Technology and the freeing of all Copyright and Patents

2) I'm wise enough not to believe in Cameron's stupid GAIA personality cult.