Tuesday, April 27, 2010

UKIP threatens legal action against BBC

Lord Pearson's continuing battle with the BBC over the corporation's refusal to allow UKIP an equal platform with Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats has led the Party to consider legal action.

In his most recent letter to Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC, Lord Pearson states:

In the last "equivalent" election, the 2005 General Election, UKIP won 2.2% of the national vote, as you have pointed out. However, in the more recent European Election of last year, UKIP came second in the UK, with 16.5% of the national vote, compared with 15.7% for Labour and 13.7% for the Liberal Democrats. This surely constitutes compelling "evidence of variation in levels of support in more recent elections". In the circumstances, I should have expected your correspondence to have referred to this provision within your election guidelines. You have allowed Labour and the Liberal Democrats to participate in the leaders' debates, though they received smaller shares of the vote than UKIP in the most recent test of national opinion, which was the European Election of last year. Yet you have denied UKIP the chance to participate.

Should you and the BBC fail to accede to this request by noon tomorrow, Wednesday, 28 April, 2010, please take this letter as notice, in terms of the pre-action protocol in judicial review proceedings under the Civil Procedure Rules, that the United Kingdom Independence Party, of PO Box 480, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 9BG, and I as UKIP's leader, as claimants, will apply to the Administrative Court at or as soon as practicable after 2 pm tomorrow afternoon for judicial review of your decision and that of the BBC, as defendants, expressed in your letter to me of 15 January 2010, to refuse to allow UKIP to participate in the third and final leaders' debate, and for an injunction requiring you and the BBC to permit me, as UKIP's leader, to participate in that debate on an equal footing with all others whom you and the BBC shall have permitted to participate.
[source UKIP]

Now, I've been interested in UKIP for quite some time, mostly thanks to Nigel Farage's sterling performances for the good guys in Brussels, but...

What's this I read in the UKIP MANIFESTO?

* boost the military budget by 40%
* increase the army by 25%
* double the size of the T.A.
* more police on our streets
* twice as many prison places
* no mention of cleaning up SKY POLLUTION from burning kerosene in jet engines
* no mention of sitting MPs attending treasonous Bilderberg/Davos global policy meetings
* no mention of, unless I missed it, REPEALING the Surveillance State laws under which us Brits have been forced to live during decades of Fabian government.

Hmm, it's looking more and more like you'd be voting to REINFORCE the Prison Planet feel of this country and my (personal) dream of a Free(d) Planet might easily be scuppered by the likes of a UKIP-type British aka Nationalist government.

Is there no one out there who wants a world LIBERATED from all this Us & Them dogma, this nose-ring tug-of-war for You The Electorate? Remember that the UKIP was formed in the London School of Economics and realise they're still in the money-making business, as an elected government.

I don't like the red/blue/yellow corporate War Gaming campaign that's being waged against the Voting Public but I fear we should be very wary of UKIP, based on the above specifics of their published manifesto.

29th April update 07:30 - oh, and this morning the BBC seem to have found a juicy primetime morning slot for Lord Pearson of UKIP. Better this than legal action, eh, Auntie?

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