Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Council of European Union - Eye of Sauron - logo

my February 25th 2010 post East India Company - Stars and Stripes - European Union shows the transition of the Stars & Stripes from East India surrogate to how the EU flag was born. Does it really just show how the British Empire aka the City of London still owns America, and also Europe? Does it show how JRR Tolkein's Oxford-based sentiment (some would call English Humour or political arrogance) has trickled down the decades so that we now have an EYE OF SAURON watching over all the citizens of the (crumbling) European Union.

Here's an editorial item from 2008, in case you missed the transition. I'm only bringing it up now because this logo, though it has been refined to just the circle of stars and the upper and lower arc, appeared briefly on a European Council news item. So, it hasn't gone out of use since then i.e. it wasn't just a discarded design one-off.

The EYE OF SAURON has been burnished and polished and gold plated so that you know who's in control of your corporate slavery.

The Council of the European Union is the principal decision making institution in the European Union (EU). It is often informally called the Council of Ministers or just the Council, the name used in the treaties; it is also called Consilium as a Latin-language compromise. Within the competencies of the Community pillar, it is the more powerful of the two legislative chambers, the other being the European Parliament. This Council should be distinguished from the European Council, which is an assembly of EU heads of state or government, and the Council of Europe, which is a non-EU organisation of 47 states. [source RED ICE CREATIONS]

You'll also notice the 'upper eyelid' of the Eye of Sauron in the UK Home Office logo:

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At least a few are waking up. The Icelanders are telling the IMF to shove their austerity up that common orifice they use to eat, speak and defecate. They have started arresting those banksters not smart enough to have headed to sanctuary in the Rothschilds' satrapy, Britain.

The Greeks are responding with stones and Molotov cocktails. The Thais will not let snipers' bullets quell their anger.

What happens when America wakes up? I think Brits will do so first. Their government is even more corrupt, and obviously just a zionist gollem. They gave us the Magna Carta, which most Americans would identify as a brand of beer. They may not have guns, but than for most, guns are just bluster anyway. Hopefully when the City of London burns, and the bankers hang from gibbets, Americans will look up from American Idol. I doubt it though. Americans won't look up until they can't afford cable and cell phones. Take away my Super Bowl and I will kill!