Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dr Gwen Scott - Morgellons research - nano-plastics

you're NOT going to like this post AT ALL. In fact, you may already feel an unbearable itching tingling sensation under your skin. What is making you so uncomfortable?

The truth of a sinister genetic-engineering programme on this insane planet:


Dr. Gwen Scott (a Morgellons sufferer and researcher into the nano-plastics origin of 'the strands') states:

"I began to see there are a lot of components. It is a very compound complex network of pathogens. Organic, inorganic and all kinds of things.

We have fibers, heavy metals, bacteria, funguses, viruses that seem to be working somehow synergistically. None of them good to the Human."

"I was able to touch base with one of the people who actively was involved in the design of some of this and I think at the time he thought he was doing this country some good - and in retrospect now realizes, perhaps not. Now he's trying very hard to help anybody who's conscious of what's going on. He did tell me that most of these pathogens have been genetically altered so that your immune system doesn't know that they're there. They're cloaked, they're different, they can overcome. I won't go into the specifics but just let's say these are not your average bacteria, virus, fungus - and of course heavy metals are not average in the human body anyway - and these fibers, these unusual fibers are wires that we're seeing. People have said, "Well, where's it coming from?" Clearly, there have been enough samples to know and Mr. Carnicom, Clifford, just made that connection for us through the air. Some of them are coming to us through the air, with deliberation through the air supply. I have been told by this same gentleman it is also being delivered to us by our food supply. Particularly commercial preprocessed food.

Since our last discussion I did have a gentleman who was involved in some of this (Morgellons design) call me. When he was involved he felt he was doing something to help the soldiers in the field in this country. He was told these things would be sprayed, aerosol sprayed, from planes on the enemy and they would save soldier's lives - and then it occurred to him when he became aware and began to see Clifford's work and other work that, oops, maybe that's not the case. So now he's trying really hard to help out anybody that he can find that's trying to do the work. -and he explained something to me that I knew that I had kind of forgotten. Every organ in your body has a specific frequency and it operates at that frequency. -and when you interrupt that frequency electromagnetically, you can create all kinds of serious (even unto death) problems.

He also talked about areas of the brain and mind control. And as Orwellian as that may seem, apparently, scientifically it is very real. We know from Clifford's work, for years now, the electromagnetic properties of what's happening in our air supply as a result of the manipulation and the manipulation of that. Beyond that he talked about then confirmed to me the heavy metals, the barium, the titanium, the aluminum. None of which, trust me, are good for the human. He talked about the biological. He said all of it had been altered. Some of it (and Clifford had eluded to earlier in the video) can kind of escape your immune system, cloak itself in one form or another. Again (he spoke of) the electromagnetics and also the lack of oxygen, the displacement of oxygen. The more you displace oxygen out of the air supply with particulates, (it could be Cornflakes, it doesn't matter) the mortality rates go up concurrently. We are operating on a very low level of oxygen.

Now watch the videos, the interview with the Morgellons creator is in video 2:

"Introductory Remarks"

"Morgellons 2nd Session"


david said...

am morgellon sufferer from the Phil. Am finding scalar energy to be effective against the eggs in the body. I curiously tried sleeping on sclar embedded coffee in sachets one night after a seminar I attended that such product has scalar energy. Next morning, there were black specks on my bed like sand. From then on I made a mat of these coffee in sachet and even used a binder on my body with the sachets. I am much relieved of the crawling and I feel the morgs have weakened esp when they try to create cramps on my calves. Had this ailment for 7 years, only this last quarter did I feel much releief, and the plastic skin on my face and arms does not show when I used my sachets without fail during the day. I also take a scalar energized water and mineral supplement. Hopefully, this might be of help to my co-sufferers. Will you try and make an experiment on this? Thank you, I am always monitoring updates on this disease.

david said...

David again,
At present, I still use scalar on my body. It gives me strength and helps lessen the itchings that I feel.
I found omt that these morgs (black specks like metal under the skin), have the capability to attach to each other and form a solid layer. I have been trying to rid my face of the redness and pigmentation for some months now. I use ground coffee and baby milk bath, again soaked or kept with the scalar products for embeddings. (When you are infested, you think and do a lot of out-of-this world ideas). Morgs do morph. When I scrub my body and face with the ground coffee with the milk bath, I would see ground coffee-like black specks pop out of my skin. If I get a pinch of coffee with the milk bath and place it directly on a site with bulging or itching, the pinch of coffee, become more numerous. And so, I have been using these from then on. My pigmentation have lessened, my skin improved yet, still I feel their presence in me, from head to foot. At present, I use a body ion cleanse foot spa, take my bath with the coffee and milk bath, then sleep in a photon healing mat with jade and energy stones. I have used the ion cleans for 16 sessions now, still a lot of black specks come out off my feet. The mat is only 1 week now. Though, they are still inside, I feel better knowing I am equipped with a gadget which could help me extract them from off my body. I am financially drained because of the cost of these products, but I am more at rest and confident now. I will give you update on the effect of these after some time.