Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eric Massa exposed Dick Cheney military coup?

it's in this issue of ESQUIRE magazine: in what could be the political whistleblow of the decade, ousted congressman Eric Massa spills the political beans about a PLANNED MILITARY COUP that would involve General David Patraeus becoming (if you can believe this) the next President of the United States - the first military president of this contemporary era.

He arrived solo. Just another man in a suit walking along Eighth Avenue and disappearing into an office building. Through the revolving doors, up the escalator of the Hearst Tower. He had told no one — no one on his congressional staff or in his family, not his parents, not even his wife — the reason for the meeting at the offices of Esquire magazine. "I'm the only one who knows," he had said on the phone. He couldn't risk anyone else accidentally saying something, and then becoming enmeshed in a crisis that would consume them, just as he would be consumed once he exposed the truth.

The conference-room door closed, the congressman stirred his coffee and then folded his hands on the table before him, paused for a dramatic moment before beginning to speak. "Gentlemen, what we have here is a constitutional crisis," he said. "If what I've been told is true — and I believe it is — General David Petraeus, a commander with soldiers deployed in two theaters of war, has had multiple meetings with Dick Cheney, the former vice-president of the United States, to discuss Petraeus's candidacy for the Republican nomination for the presidency. And in fact, that's more than a constitutional crisis. That's treason."

"Congressman Massa," an editor said, "there are coups and then there are elections, and however improper and serious this kind of political activity might be, it wouldn't be a coup, right?"

Massa shot him a look. "I know something about the Uniform Code of Military Justice," he said. "And I want you to tell me how this is not a coup. You've got a commander with armies in the field, and he's plotting with Dick Cheney to bring down his commander in chief. How is that not a coup? It's Seven Days in May!"
[source ESQUIRE]

Now, think back to September 11th 2001 when FOUR PLANES were assigned to four targets. The Capital Building, where Congress was in session, being the alleged destination of Flight 93 that was 'shot down' over Shanksville, PA. Actually, this might not have been Flight 93, if certain reports are to be believed, and the "LET'S ROLL" hero team might have undertaken their suicide mission to prevent Flight 93 hitting its target out over the Atlantic ocean somewhere, never to be seen again.

For example, did you know that (due to when it was written, I guess) the American Constitution states that the President is ONLY the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States? The 'Air Force' doesn't seem to come under the rule of the 'Commander in Chief', at any time. Interesting.

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