Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free Planet - the ultimate 'galactic tourist' destination

dear readers of this blog, you've seen my ideas for a planet without PROFIT, you've gone through the manifesto that talks about returning power over this planet to the people, but what's the ultimate aim for FREE PLANET?

you're not gonna believe this - and it's so obvious even I'm excited about it.


I want Free Planet (this which we now call Earth) to be the most seductive, the most beautiful, the most inviting, the most friendly place IN THE GALAXY. Simple as that. I want ALL SEVEN BILLION HUMAN BEINGS to share in the love of this planet and the faithful upkeep of its heritage. I want the corporations to be disbanded and the governments to be dissolved and intellectual property rights to be returned to the people so that Great Thinkers of this world can be liberated from the threat of assassination to find REAL SOLUTIONS to our living on a dangerous world where we'll have to adapt to galactic change at a moment's notice.

I want 'floating housing'.
I want 'hydroponic larders'.
I want 'energy fields' to protect the hovering inhabitants from any natural catastrophe that occurs on a GROWING EARTH but I also want the planet below to undergo a phase of rewilding, of re-diversification of the landscape from industrial farming (disease ridden) hell back to proper forestation, plants and livestock.

I want us to ban all fishing and animal slaughter in the name of Consumerism, and also for us to QUIT RUTTING already, for an agreed number of years while the rewilding takes place -- balance must be restored on this insane slave farm.

I want visitors from all over the Galaxy to SHARE with us their technology, their ideas, their morals so that we can have the opportunity to join with our brothers and sisters from other star systems in the Great Migration into the stars.

But most of all, I want to be PROUD to live on Free Planet - I want to say, "I made this the best damn place in the Galaxy. Beat that, Arcturas."

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