Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Global warming on Jupiter?

really wierd weather happened on Jupiter at the same time as YOUR GLOBAL GOVERNMENT were trying to convince you that Anthropogenic Global Warming was caused by human breathing.

It was common knowledge that the belt was disappearing, but flirty Jupiter ducked behind the sun for three months and it was only in recent weeks that eager observers could see to what extent it's belt had vanished.

Noted Jupiter watcher Anthony Wesley - the man who discovered its "scar" last year - has tracked the disappearing belt from his Murrumbateman back yard.

It's his before-and-after photos which are the most likely you'll come across on the web if you search for the phenomenon.

"It was obvious last year that it was fading. It was closely observed by anyone watching Jupiter," he said.

"There was a big rush on to find out what had changed once it came back into view." [source NEWS.COM.AU

This is an image that shows the South Atlantic Anomaly of our own planet's electromagnetic shield that, to me, shows a pattern of WEAR or THINNING of the lower hemisphere similar to de-beltification of Jupiter's lower hemisphere. Just saying...

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