Thursday, May 06, 2010


where is a younger Udo Kier when you need him?

I don't know how long this Tom Six film THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE has been in pre-production limbo or the cinematic inspirations behind it but the central character of the mad surgeon is right out of the Udo Kier school of psychological management.

It was either this or David Wilcock ranting on about "Jesus" for three and a half hours in his just-uploaded 2012: Event Horizon presentation, "Yeah, you won't need eyes where you're going, humanity," not when THE ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM is suffering from what looks like 'global warming' as Wilcock states in his opening paragraph.


Andrew said...

Hi Mike

Just an Observation

Your 'missive' here -- very reminiscent of MSM tactics to side-line or ridicule a person, via their 'belief' or belief-system -- as you would or should, know, i.e. about David Wilcock (DW) -- "ranting for three and a half hours about 'Jesus'...", -- is an 'exaggeration' in the 'extreme'!

(P.S. My 'quotes' above and when I use them, are just to indicate my own emotional or judgmental or debatable use of these so-quoted, adjectives/nouns.)

However, DW did speak a 'couple' of words about this 'Jesus' guy, near the start of Part 1 and then,

At the near 2:39 minute mark, for a whole 35 seconds in toto to be exact, when he did speak 'at length' about why HE (DW) 'believed' that a person called 'Jesus' - by whose name he is best known throughout the world - must have really lived or existed. Total 'ranting' time - 35 SECONDS!

It's a debatable point, about whether a 'Jesus' ever really lived or walked the land way back when. By debatable I mean, in my world, that this assumption cannot ever be 'proven', absolutely, even if he DID exist at one time, back 'then'!

You ARE correct in your numbers I must say, i.e. 3 and 5 as in 3.5, but you clearly NOT correct where you placed your decimal point, and then, so not very subtly at all, changing 'seconds' into HOURS!

That is blatantly untrue and, as I said above, exaggerated in the 'extreme'.

One can only interpret that as a conscious or unconscious, yet typical and 'subtle', intention of the ego at 'self-aggrandisement' as they say, at the expense of an other's 'put-down'.

If you truly 'see' a Free Planet out there in the 'future' somewhere, as I do too, you may have to wait a little 'longer', than you previously 'thought' or are currently 'thinking'.


Mike Philbin said...


I was drawn to Wilcock by his assertion that AGW isn't an effect limited to our planet. What I'm saying is, "I 'overlooked' this 'Gayce reincarnation's Jesus rant in light of this opening statement."

That SOLAR SYSTEM INSIGHT is the ONLY reason I featured his presentation at all.