Friday, May 14, 2010

Joan Veon - Global financial markets and YOU THE PEOPLE


or put another way, "The markets thrive on volatility," this from a City of London anal-ist commenting on how they make REAL MONEY; this from a representative of the same thugs who goaded a UK coalition government from a Lib/Con pact with the blatant threat that, "Without majority government, we'll trash this place." or words to that effect.

You can't trust 'em - they thrive on CHAOS - they demand ORDER.

Basically, though YOU THE PEOPLE don't seem to be aware of this, the 9-11 coup was meant to galvanise the Global Governance Agenda by decapitating Congress - luckily QRS11-controlled flight 93 was shot down over Shanksville. Remember, the victors write their own history; the film Flight 93 being a cynical rescripting of what actually happened on that solemn corporate-war day to keep the journalistic blood hounds off the scent.

But those in the know, and have renounced the PROFIT Satan, are already spreading the TRUTH about Global Banking and how detrimental it will be to our very existence. Why?

The week of May 2 – 7, 2010 will go down in history as one of uncertainty and change. When I asked then UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali in 1995 what he meant by change, he told me there were several forms of change but what he was talking about was CONSTANT CHANGE. Now that all of the barriers between nation-states have fallen with the exception of the regulatory laws which are about to fall, we will be subjected to constant change as there will be no barriers or borders between countries to prohibit global change and global chaos. Chaos always breeds opportunity to those who create it to take more power, to make money, and to change the world into their image.

In order to have global change you need to have global uncertainty. Last week saw a number of things occurring on an integrated world: the Senate Banking Committee appears to be getting closer to a bi-partisan agreement on regulation; the 1000 point drop in the market; the British elections; and the debt crisis in the European Union led by the debt of Greece.

As we consider debt-ridden states here in the United States, is it far-fetched that California or Michigan or Ohio would get a loan from the IMF? No. What is happening in Greece and the EU is setting precedence for the future. Is it possible that the 2008 Credit Crisis in the U.S. will be the 2010 Credit Crisis in Europe? Is it possible that this gives everyone who bought Euros and sold dollars an opportunity to take their gains without looking like they are looting the world? Yes. [source JOAN VEON]

Joan goes on to say that, "Furthermore in a globalized world, you need to have interaction with a global regulatory agency—the Financial Stability Board. The U.S. is already a major player and has been since 1999 when it was the Financial Stability Forum." which would have been ample time for the Global Banks to plan (and plan for) the expected decapitation of Free America on September 11th 2001.


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