Saturday, May 22, 2010

SentientMind - Babylon AD - COG

anti-N.W.O. video put together by SentientMind.

Took me about 2 months to put this one together hope you guys enjoy and find it interesting. Rate, comment and share and send this out to your friends. I've had specific permission from the band Cog to upload their music.

Music performed by Cog - Problem Reaction Solution

Free Planet footnote: this planet has been systematically conned into working ass-backwards. Isn't it obvious that the corporations to whom You The People have turned over patented power over its resources haven't even thought about their own ultimate demise, their own consumerist obsolescence.

The debt-based 'free market' cannot sustain itself as it always has to turn a PROFIT.

To reverse this, we need to FLIP the current economic system on its ear, where once there was private wealth there should now be planetary health. All crimes against private wealth need repealing. Those who allow the planet to prosper; the land workers, the water cleansers, the sewage technicians, the house builders, the clothes makers, the conservers, should be petitioned by the scientists and the technologists so that their 'inventions' don't harm the earth with toxic by-products.

We need to start again, as a race, and You The People need to take back control of your planet, it is now that time.

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