Tuesday, May 11, 2010

UFOs - Alien abduction - Hollywood is the enemy

I was thinking, "I wonder if Hollywood knows what it's doing?"

If yes,
they're a cynical bunch of elitist bastards intent on furnishing global domination of the human herd.

If no,
they're a stupid bunch of idiots who need to look MUCH DEEPER into the effects of corporate hypnosis techniques on the general public.

Look back on the History of UFOs in Hollywood and on TV, and you'll find almost identical correlation between black projects and the recorded (supposedly real) UFO phenomona - flying discs attacking DC, deep underground bases, missing time, bright lights in the sky playing music, beasts entering our bedrooms and piercing us with chrome spikes, abductions to offworld craft, greys, reptilians, ghosts, poltergeists and pixies; you know, the whole merging UFO-lore contemporised mythology.

Many of the reported UFO sightings, for me, are just military black projects that are used to DEFEAT THE ENEMY capitalism has already sold weapons to, a way to fund the survival of the invented dollar.

The real scary aspect of this whole GLOBAL DOMINANCE STRATEGY of human vs human is the MIND CONTROL aspect of Hollywood and mass TV - we've all been evangelised to, andn I don't mean only by the likes of Billy Graham and his cash-grabbing buddies... I mean THE WHOLE BELIEF MACHINE is guiding us away from looking at the real issue of life on this planet.

Government (feudal or elected) knows how to control its people, it's been pouring our tax money into university research of same for hundreds of years. For thousands of years before that, government knew how to RAPE the people for their their blood, their sweat and their tears. But this NEW ADDITION to the global mind control scam is rather sickening - it's done in the form of entertainment. And that makes the bitter PROPAGANDA pill all the more easy to swallow.


Science knows that the nightly DREAMING PROCESS will arrange any data it is given and weave it into the fabrid of not only our psyches but our societies, in an extremely long-term and vivid fashion stretching onward throughout our projected futures. Yes, you reading this post right now - YOU'RE HYPNOTISED - and you don't really understand what BEING ALIVE even means ... so, devoid are you from your true role here on Free Planet.

This place is like the real Twilight Zone - WAKE UP.

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Daniel said...

I quit watching TV in 2001. I am tired of meaningless entertainment and Hollywood doomsday propaganda. I rely on the internet for my entertainment and news source. Good book on mind control is 'Controlling the Human Mind' by Nick Begich