Thursday, May 06, 2010

UKIP - Nigel Farage - Lucky to be alive!

"Lucky to be alive," that's how UKIP's Nigel Farage put it as he was TRANSFERRED from Horton General Hospital in Banbury to John Radcliffe in Oxford after the light aircraft crash in which nearly claimed his life.


First thought to have escaped with a few cuts and grazes to his face, it soon became apparent that his injuries were much more serious and he was soon falling in and out of consciousness. After tests, it was found the Farage had a chipped spine, damaged sternum and broken ribs - he seems to have escaped without internal injuries.

If parties like UKIP are eradicated, who will represent the will of the UK public in Europe?

Certainly not Labour.
Certainly not Conservative.
Certainly not Liberal Democrat.

That's a three-horse red/blue/yellow war game where it doesn't matter who wins, the global bankers still RAPE YOUR GRANDCHILDREN'S GRANDCHILDREN.

I'm (officially) sick to death of the craps game they're playing with our blood, sweat and tears - our slavery!

Tesla Executives killed in plane crash
Beverly Eckert killed in plane crash
JFK junior killed in plane crash
Mike Connell killed in plane crash

I mean, the list just goes on and on....

Basically, though it 'could have been an accident' I get the distinct feeling that Nigel Farage wasn't supposed to survive this crash.

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