Sunday, June 20, 2010

Airbrush Artist - A Andrew Gonzales - Sublimatrix

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas A. Andrew Gonzalez is an award-winning artist whose Transfigurative and Esoteric art has been exhibited in several countries. Born on October 13, 1963, and raised in a creative family, Andrew is largely self-taught and uses airbrush on an intimate scale.

Subscribers to this blog will know I've been a big fan of uber-airbrusher H.R. Giger since I was a kid but A. Andrew Gonzalez's works are another level of strange-beauty again. I watched his Youtube interview and so should you. I came to quickly understand how Andrew uses psilocybin 'magic' mushrooms, as did Bill Hicks, to enhance his planetary trip. Using magic mushrooms, once or perhaps twice a year, is sufficient to inspire Andrew's 'sculptural' imagery and he claims that (as the trip lasts a few days) the 'shrooms increase his motor accuracy so that his intimate scale paintings can be loaded with such smooth curves and insane levels of detail. He also uses cannabis from time to time.

The Creatrix

Unio Mystica


As Andrew puts it, his purely white-on-white imagery is the antithesis to Giger's visions of cat-insect hell - imagine a twin show of Giger's black vs Gozales's white.

I'd be there in a heartbeat.

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