Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Boris Johnson closes Democracy Village

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, attempts to close Democracy Village, a community of dissenters who've pitched their tents on Parliament Square here in UK.

He's calling Parliament Square a WORLD HERITAGE SITE, and it started with the recent removal of anti-Iraq protest of Brian Hawe who's been protesting 'on the pavement' of Parliament Square since 2001.

Maybe Democracy Village is a set up, safe in the knowledge that it's THE PRIVATE GRASS of Parliament Square that's out of bounds, not the public pavement. A cynical publicity stunt to get Parliament Square closed forever to public dissenters who don't toe the FOR PROFIT, CORPORATE WAR MACHINE party line - be it a red, yellow or blue party. And I say this so you'll notice the cunning closing statement, "What sort of ORDER do we want in Parliament Square?" Order? New? World? Order? These guys will never stop, as long as they're in power.

June 21st update: here's a new film from Spine TV about Democracy Village on Parliament Square.

July 25th update: bailifs have finally moved in and CLOSED Democracy Village. I don't remember this earth-shattering news being broadcast all over the TV news - maybe Democracy can now go fuck itself.


cyberboris said...


Does a free planet mean rights only for protesters and people who support them? Or does it accept that everyone has rights, so that includes people who approve of the war, people who wish to enjoy the Square without the Camp there, people who disapprove of the war but also disapprove of the camp....

The Mayor has to defend the rights of all Londoners. Of course the protesters have the right to protest, he would defend that. But it is not democratic to hijack a public place. The Democratic Village is in danger of becoming exactly like the people they are protesting against.

Mike Philbin said...

No, you haven't understood what a FREE PLANET means.

There is no fake Democratic petitioning in a FREE PLANET.

The Earth is there to enjoy FOR FREE, not at the tyrannical permission of some 'appointed' ruler.

I think the best way to understand FREE PLANET is, "We need to wake up to the facts of life on a very dangerous rock." and to do this we all have to take responsiblity in our own hands.

Me, I just wanna enjoy this place without KILLING MY HOME PLANET in the name of PROFIT.