Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pandora's Box - Alex Christopher

PANDORA'S BOX (the ultimate 'unseen hand' behind the New World Order) by Alex Christopher is NUTS, and by this I mean PROPER MENTAL.

The real horror of this is the significant possibility that this book may be exactly what it says on the cover, a PANDORA'S BOX of fertile historical information on the who, the what, the where, the when and the why of the New World Order. If so, it's got some very revealing information about modern slave living that's just too believable to fully discount. You wanna take the plunge, get ready for a TOTAL REALITY SHIFT.

CLICK THIS TO READ an earlier version of Alex Christopher's PANDORA'S BOX in ebook form.


internet_income_business_opportunity_guy said...

If what Pandora's box books (by Alex Christopher) claim are true, then humanity is in a load of trouble. Obviously, billions of people have been deceived by the media who never published any of these and thereby kept the public in pitch black darkness. SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG WORLDWIDE scogostology.wordpress.com

Neon Suntan said...

Is this guy too left field even for Coast 2 Coast AM?

I#ll track the book down, it sounds like an ideal companion to the Gemstone Files.

Any idea on the artist of the image above?