Sunday, May 26, 2013

Free Planet - an end to marketing - an end to ghettos.

tough, here comes the news!

The guiding principal behind a FREE PLANET is:

release the patents and copyright from FOR PROFIT organisations.

Thereby liberating our homeworld from the choking stranglehold of the Corporations, the Mega Corporations and the Conglomerates. The idea being to release our once-beautiful homeworld to a state of sustainable balance and therefore encouraging Creativity, Passion and Kinship from the north to the south, from east to west.

This leaderless revolution has to take place with the tacit agreement of SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE who've finally realised that making money for some scumbag landlard or boss is really not the way to enjoy a full and rewarding life.  But humans are renowned putting up ridiculous walls around themselves, given the slightest opportunity. At present, they have their skin, their families, their community, their belief systems, their language, their country, their debt, the numerous onion-skin layers that keep them safe and warm in the knowledge that they're not really who they feel they deserve to be.

So, we move to a non-feudal, freed-up, Diversity-based planet - what do we get?

  1. No marketing of any Diversity's ideas as more important than the other, no active recruiting, no sponsorship, no dogma, as long as, "Do good by Free Planet," is your mantra.
  2. You have to embed yourself in each Diversity, learning and abiding by the arbitrary language and customs of that Diversity's ruleset, their moral values, their way.

What's obviously going to happen is Secret Languages are gonna sprout up and take control of a Diversity, they'll become the new 'currency' and then we're back where we were before having to 'protect what we (foolishly) believe is ours. It's so obvious the so-called Free People in these Free Planet Diversities will STILL want to and STILL continue to attempt to keep a hold over something that isn't theirs, just another shared agreement they want to call THEIR OWN, that it makes me truly sad.

I wonder how long this prison-food mentality will be our undoing knowing that even the most beautiful Corporate Getout Clause will be massacred (again) by dumb, fucking, greedy idiots. Not only that, but I suspect self-appointed DEATH SQUADS will take up the "Do the right thing by Free Planet," mantra and start butchering not only those who they believe were the 'real perpetrators' of (say) the 9-11 War Of Terror scam but millions nee billions of their planetary neighbours in a Georgia Guidestones fashion.

I suspect that GIVEN ANY INCENTIVE to live freely and proudly as a race that protects against Corporate raping and pillaging for profit, mankind will try his damnedest to fuck it up.


Anoka Shiva said...

Time to join THE ONE PEOPLE


Cheers !

theprophetsaid said...

The elites have the cops backing them right now and that is how they control us but pretty soon the elites will say--the cops turned on their own people so we cannot trust them because they will turn on us too. The elites will send Blackwater Goons to wipe them out. Just wait and see if that does not happen.
This is a never ending nightmare. My pentagon connection told me the stock market will fall to 1500 and maybe 1000. Kiss your money goodbye. At my age i only have a few years left and i would love to spend them on a small island in peace. women and children will suffer the most. They are not made for times like this.

theprophetsaid said...

We need a total barter system and to hell with money. The damn greed destroys us.