Friday, October 15, 2010

House of Numbers - Anatomy of an Epidemic - Brent W Leung

In House of Numbers: Anatomy of an Epidemic, an AIDS film like no other, the HIV/AIDS story is being rewritten. This is the first film to present the uncensored POVs of virtually all the major players; in their own settings, in their own words. It rocks the foundation upon which all conventional wisdom regarding HIV/AIDS is based. House of Numbers could well be the opening volley in a battle to bring sanity and clarity to an epidemic gone awry.

"Leung manages to present a barrage of intriguing theories debunking our generally accepted beliefs... There's no denying, however, the value of exploring such game-changing topics as how HIV-infection numbers are cooked for monetary and political gain; how the effects of global poverty may have led to so many AIDS-related deaths; how such widely used AIDS drugs as AZT have, themselves, often proved fatal; and whether HIV really exists." Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times.

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segrim said...

Thank you for your very good film. I want to tell you, that AIDS problem was decided by me in 1989. If Mr. Shopenhauer is right, my solution now is at the third stage. In 2012 in Germany were published two my books "Puzzle with the name AIDS" in Russian and in English. I had no any dollar for my research work.
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