Tuesday, December 14, 2010

samurai sword cold fusion - or something much worse

Took the biggest butcher knife from the kitchen and was moving around the house practising the 'samurai-sword test-cutting' technique, tameshigiri.

Long arcs that make a swooping sound as the very tip of the blade cuts through the air at supersonic speed.

Ended up back in the kitchen where a sink full of water rumbles.

Rumbles. As if from below. Or... I swipe the 'sword' down towards the water. Nothing. Of course. Cutting at water can't make it rumble. Then I think... what about cutting PAST the water.

Cut: so that the blade doesn't make contact with the water, BUT travels THROUGH the plane of, while as close as possible to, the volume of water.

Rumbles. Bubbles come to the surface.

Can't be real. Try again. Water rumbles. Bigger and bigger bubbles.

Get a rhythm going where cutting down through the volume of water makes it bubble more and more. Think this is very funny.

Until, having put the knife back and trying to leave the kitchen, realise the water is now making the sink unit rumble. Then everything turns to a hot blinding light and SCREAMS.

the obvious analysis: it's an allegory of where we'll go with continued DOMESTIC CUTS i.e. atrocious incendiary conflagration, but it seemed like something more sinister; maybe this (received this morning) thank you Followers:

Kuzminov's Revelations

British counter-intelligence (MI5) has recently identified 32 spies of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), operating under the cover of diplomatic immunity. They maintain communications with former secret KGB agents, who during the Cold War concealed, in the English countryside, biological weapons for use in a preemptive attack against British cities.

It was only Aleksandr Kuzminov, a former commander of KGB spies, who disclosed that his agents had hidden these containers in the British countryside. It was he who suggested that certain spies operating in the United Kingdom were supposed to make sure that the deadly bacteria remained hidden. Kuzminov was chief of a super-secret KGB unit -- department 12 of directorate S. "We were involved in biological espionage, planning and preparing attacks using biological weapons, sabotage, and biological warfare," Kuzminov disclosed.

From his home in New Zealand, neighboring the home of former MI5 officer Peter Wright, Kuzminov announced: "Great efforts were made and vast money was spent (...). It would be naive to think that our people were dismissed from the service merely because Russia is participating in talks on biological disarmament in Geneva."
[source FBIS]

One wonders if FOOT & MOUTH (2001) is officially recognised as a corporate bio-weapon, like ANTHRAX (2001). I suspect all sorts of political convolution, or this sorta shit would NEVER have become public knowledge. Beware the glowing effervescence of the smoke & mirrors GAME.

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