Wednesday, December 15, 2010

THE UNFOLDING - Solari nano morgellons chemtrails corporate agenda has published a PDF that, they claim, links a large number of the Corporate War players in the GAME being played against You The People via such means as nano-technology materials in the air dispersed via the commercial/military flights aerosol distribution networks aka 'chemtrails'.

Here's a sample slice through time from this quite comprehensive, and quite frankly rather damning, list:


* BP is also one of the world’s largest petroleum and petrochemicals companies in its own right. BP manufactures and markets a wide range of petrochemicals, intermediates, polymers, etc. Note: cases of people with Morgellan’s Disease are increasing at a rate of 1000 victims per day. In 2008 the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) began a study on Morgellon’s to investigate its causes and symptoms. With Morgellan’s, individuals exhibit unhealing sores containing fibers that burn at 1700 degrees F and do not melt. A private study to determine the chemical and biological composition of these self-replicating fibers has shown that the fibers’ outer casing is made up of high density polyethylene fiber (HPDE). This material is used throughout the bio nanotechnology world as a compound to encapsulate a viral protein envelope with DNA, RNA, etc. (#14-16)

* 2000: Pavilion Technologies Inc. entered into a strategic alliance with BP Amoco
Chemicals, in which BP Amoco plans to license Pavilion's control and optimization
technology and deploy it across its polyethylene manufacturing facilities. (#17)

* 2001: BP chemical and Eastman Chemical reach agreement to license Energx Polyethylene Technology. (#18)

* 2001: AMEC completed renovating Wedge 1 prior to 9/11. Wedge 1 was the main
section of the Pentagon that was hit in 9/11 attack. (Chairman of AMEC is Sydney
Gillibrand. Prior to joining AMEC, Gillibrand was Chairman of BAE. BAE is the new
owner of HAARP.) (#19)

* 2001: AMEC was main contractor of rebuilding the Pentagon after 9/11 attack and one of main contractors at WTC cleanup. (#20)

* 2002: Raytheon will provide low-Earth orbiting polar satellite system designed to meet the nation's future civilian science and military needs for accurate weather forecasting. (21)

* 2003: Blackstone, Apollo and Goldman Sachs acquire Nalco (dispersants used by BP in
Deepwell Horizon accident). Nalco is a major distributor of aluminate which is a
compound containing aluminum and oxygen. Note: Aluminum! (22)

* 2003: BAE purchased HAARP from Raytheon. BAE is one of the largest aerospace
contractors in the world that has major contracts with our military. Gillibrand was
Chairman. (#23)

* 2004: Obama resigned as Senior Lecturer of University of Chicago Law Schoo. He was a professor for 12 years. (24)
[source SOLARI]

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