Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catherine Austin Fitts - the tapeworm economy - corrupt kleptocracy

"So, they get richer and we get poorer because the financial tapeworm needs to get richer and richer. And it'll never stop." Federal Housing Commissioner for George HW Bush, Catherine Austin Fitts.

More debt was created in the last decade than was generated in ALL THE YEARS OF THE REPUBLIC, since the USA civil war and through the space age. The 'financial coup detat' happened around the time of 9-11. Gettin' it yet? Seein' the Big Picture yet, conglomerate slave?

You The People are literally being governed, across the globe, by private corporations. And here's der Max Keiser reaffirming their years-long insistence that it's a CORRUPT KLEPTOCRACY raping our world for asset and power.

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