Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free Planet - forgive them, they know not what they do.

There will be no WITCH HUNTS in the name of Free Planet.

Bringing down the shimmering towers of the Conglomerate stronghold will be its own punishment, denying those who're playing the wrong GAME of their toys.

You might think it appropriate to go hunting for the Israelis for 9-11 or the Bankers for the collapse of the economy or the military for all their murder and D.U. legacy across the world.

But it won't help.

Remember Henry Ford, Founder of the Ford Motor Company and Assembly Line Innovator, the man who gave us a deadly machine to kill millions of innocent people every year? A PROFIT-based decision to put CONTROL in the hands of sleepy, impatient, stressed commuters and delivery boys. What a stupid idea. Remember Henry Ford, Founder of the Ford Motor Company and Assembly Line Innovator, the man who enslaved millions in dead-end jobs making cars that would kill millions of innocent people every year? It's a crime, only if we look back on it as such. We have the power to do that. It's our BIG BRAINED scourge.

But is it something worth digging up the body of Henry Ford for and exacting some form of abstracted 'justice' on maybe the Ford Foundation or other beneficiaries of the corporate game? These 'structures', these corporate games, are just accidents of intelligence, misplaced intent towards the wrong value set, namely PROFIT.

The whole world has convinced itself to value the wrong thing, it has become a race of MALL ZOMBIES, it has become a race of STOCK MARKET CLOWNS, it has become a race of BLIND RULE FOLLOWERS and ARBITRARY RULE MAKERS - like this is the point of living.

This year, if Free Planet achieves anything it will be this, "To make people realise that they have always known the difference between right and wrong. They have always known that too many children means too much deforestation which means too few places for wildlife to flourish. They have always known that crime is the result of the need to PAY AND PAY the jailers and the slave-masters as they have been allowed to become."

We (all seven billion of us) have made the world the wretched thing it is today, our complacency in the face of obvious tyranny, because it benefited our lives, has allowed this reign of terror to ruin our lovely home-world.

You The People of planet Earth need to take responsibility for Misplaced Intelligence. You're all clever, all of you. Your big brains have given you that terrible acuity. Don't act like slavering pack dogs. Don't act like Lemmings. Don't act like warrior ants. As necessary and intriguing as these roles are, they're already filled by the wild animals we share this planet with. Let them be ruled by the nose.

We're far more intelligent than that. Rather than merely reacting to basic sexual or hunger drives, one of the human race's greatest strengths is that we actually THINK. We know that we don't need the latest fashion accessory. We know that we can't afford to work in retail to pay for the life of a prince.

And neither can the prince, for they are the real 'benefit scroungers' in all this. The princes of this world, the heads of state, the banking conglomerate executives, the jailers (of mind and body), they are the people who beg for offerings from You The People, be it via ADVERTISING or MARKETING or TAXATION.

This is the broken game, the Empire Game. Yes, that very same game that makes you sit in two hours of traffic everyday to go to a job that doesn't pay enough and is DEATH TO YOUR BRAIN.

We need to break open this monopoly on right and wrong on Free Planet. We must, "Do right by Free Planet."

You The People need to start moving away from the CAPITALIST or COMMUNIST or JUDICIAL bubbles that rise and fall like derivative instruments invented on the Stock Market (the ultimate way to rob and steal from your fellow man).

This structured, invented, regulated, corrupt earth is BROKEN, like a toy. We must discard it for the sake of humanity.

We must FORGIVE, but we must never FORGET how close we came to totally destroying our home-world, eradicating its wildlife and enslaving its populace. We can do this, all seven billion individuals huddling together under the same umbrella of realisation, if we want to.

It is OUR Delicate Homeworld. We need to revive BALANCE. We must, "Do right by Free Planet," a world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship.


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Translation is wrong; don't forgive them for they do know what they are doing. Their acts of treason, rape, theft, pollution, murder to name a few are beyond the mind of any reasonable living soul.