Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Planet - self governance - ethical solutions for local problems

yes, I believe that the (currently) seven billion individuals of Free Planet can self-govern, I believe 'elected governments' are now officially defunkt due to conglomerate infiltration.

As was outlined in an earlier thread on the Free Planet topic RULES FOR LIVING ON A FREE PLANET there is only one rule in Free Planet, "Do right by Free Planet," and free planet will do right by you.

Keep this simple mantra in mind, and you won't have to burden yourself with any more thoughts of 'the daily grind' or 'working for the man' any more. But you have to think SERIOUSLY about what you want from life. You have to think about what sort of world you want your children bringing up their children in. Or how you want to self-manage your substantnial number so that other lifeforms aren't pushed to the brink of extinction by over-exploitation. So that a BALANCE is returned to this once-abundant, once-teeming, once-stupendously-diverse homeworld.

Do you want to remain a corporate slave, earning money so that the financial bubbles can continue to burst all around you like world war flak?

Do you want to pay more and more for water, food and shelter tha should be free, for everyone?

Do you want to keep voting for compromised politicians who are under the kosh of the bankers?

And this 'thinking about it' will have really helped.

Even if you're thinking of starting a FREE PLANET research centre that'll be looking at the best ways to facillitate a patent-freed organically-solar-powered future for mankind WITHOUT shitting on the planet with all sorts of post-industrial poison. You'll come to understand what's best to do to help your grandchildren have a fulfilling and healthy life on a beautiful homeworld. By reducing your over-complexified Consumerist thought pattern to the simple ethos, "Do right by Free Planet." you'll have worked out what sort of world you all wanna live on.

Creativity, passion and kinship - three global virtues for Paradise.

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