Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Corporate War Dates 1812 1912 2012

it seems like there are ALWAYS patterns to attempts at Global Dominance.

I highlighted the first day of the Coptic Calendar September 11th the other day. Today, I'd like to take a look at 'what normally happens shortly after the first decade of each new century, namely the 1812 war, the 1912 war* and the 2012 war.

Here in the UK, at schools, we were always taught about the UK/FR NAPOLEONIC war. We didn't hear much about the UK/USA war of independence or the FR/USSR war. As children owned by an island nation, we were taught local information that could fuel our patriotism and improve our hatred of foreigners. We were rarely given a glimpse of THE BIG PICTURE.

I understand there's been a lot of PRESS COVERAGE (and films) about 'the last day of the Mayan Calendar in 2012' but this is looking like a wonderful COVER STORY for other Corporate War Mischief, leading to a greater than thought possible GLobal Takeover. It's what we're paying for, as TAX PAYERS, to have the wool pulled over our eyes by the Intelligence Services, so that neither we nor the enemy will know what's really going on and we can simply continue to fund the Great Chess Game.

I realise there's no PUBLIC PLAN for a 2012 war but the circumstances surrounding that date, like September 11th 2001 and tactical invasions in the Middle East during the first decade of this century, the UK-US-gov-aided topplings of Sovereign Arab States certainly POINT TOWARDS THE INEVITABLE.

What I'm saying here is that for the last two hundred years or more, the world has been a very small place. Navies (and now Air Forces) have allowed those who'd want Global Governance for their own commercial reasons, be it the heroine trade of the East India Companies or the oil trade of the Halliburtons and the BPs or the trade in human traffic, children or workers. Basically, we can tell when a play is being made for GLOBAL DOMINATION because 'all sorts of seemingly-disconnected things' start to happen all over the world, leaving people to wonder, "What's going on?"

What say you, historians?

* yeah, the first world war is historically known as the 1914-18 but the war proper started as early as 1912, look up The Balkans War 1912-13.

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Chris said...

I have always felt that the century really changes in the 12 year. The world changed in 1912 to the modern 20th century (Nelson in 1805 was really an 18th Century and the 19th century begun in 1812. When Henry 8th came to the throne, 1509, we moved from the medieval to the Elizabethan. There are loads of examples. So from 2012 on we will be entering the 21st century