Monday, February 21, 2011

Ex-KGB Uri Bezmenov On Ideological Indoctrination

for those of you who haven't seen Angelina Jolie's SALT, I recommend you do so, as soon as you can - but remember, it's only a film, it's only Hollywood. Watching of this film may or may not be relevant to your inclusion in or avoidance of the meat-grinding machine of the future Corporate Control Grid.

You know, it may have seemed like a perfect dream, that Ex-KGB Uri Bezmenov defected from Russia, at the end of the Cold War, like the prophet of a new Messiah, to warn us of the process of "Ideological Indoctrination". And we didn't listen. And that's probably a good thing. He was, after all, by definition, a potential disinformation agent.

Just for the record, then, here's Uri Bezmenov's in 1984, in this 81 minutes interview with G Edward Griffin, explaining the four "Active Measures" of ideological indoctrination.

DEMORALISATION (15-20 years)
CRISIS (6 weeks)
NORMALISATION (may last indefinitely...)

Information is power. Chaaanging their GAME is REAL POWER.

For me, YOU THE PEOPLE of this ruined homeworld, this poisoned rock spinning through space, have to start MAKING UP YOUR OWN MINDS, what do you really want from the Free Planet upon which you're lucky enough to live? Do you want ruthless PROFIT? Do you want crippling BENEFIT? Or do you want purposeful FREEDOM?

It's time to start thinking AS A PLANETARY RACE, seven million adult individuals under one Sun. Abstracted models of intellectual manipulation must be eradicated, for the good of mankind.

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