Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WARDENS OF PEGASUS - astral experiment in self-deception

it started with this flippant question of Alien Contact, "If I were an ANT, how could I break through into the Human Realm without getting myself crushed by a thumb or boiled with water?"


How does a human being communicate with those HIGHER ORDER BEINGS who might be watching our every move from the comfort of their cloaked existence, without interfering with their schedule?

Simple, thought I - MEMORIES.

But why memories? It's like an ANT drawing a CIRCLE to attract our attention, this shows intelligence and tacit understanding of communication. So it'll be with spacetime travellers such as those who ferry themselves across the stare. By CONSCIOUSLY REMEMBERING, as vividly as we are able, are we not demonstrating to these higher order beings that we can do the equivalent of the ANT DRAWING A CIRCLE, showing that we can (like them) travel back through space and time at our will?

Memories are physical traces through space and time. Aren't they? When we have the memory, say from our childhood and because our parent spiral galaxy is spinning very rapidly through space, this memory was generated HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF GALACTIC MILES away.

And it sorta ties in with my organic and artificial souls post of a few days ago. Before nodding off, I took 'an astral trip to the centre of the sun', battling my way against the solar wind, thinking that as all the stars in this spiral galaxy had to be connected this'd be the best place to 'communicate with the stars'. That's where, with my breathing regulated and my eyes wide open, I started to REMEMBER as vividly as I was able. Even NAMES from my past came rushing back, too (I'm usually shit with names).

4:44 a.m.

Woke up with a racing heart and eyes still sparking bright flashes, dream fragments:

i) at the house of a relative (one I 'remembered vividly' in the pre-sleep experiment) there was a vast, powerful and terrifying plasma-electric discharge at the end of the washing line and we had to call out the electrician, everything in the kitchen was affected, energised.

ii) a group of us were 'preparing to leave' (whatever this means) and while we were packing there was a volcanic explosion on the land our 'mobile home' was on. I tried to finish packing but more and more ground explosions rippled through, showing the MAGMA beneath. We ran outside, trying to run across a lethally fracturing terrain. Ended up swimming across lava, with my jumper over my hands because of the scorching heat.

iii) met up with a few 'survivors' and as all my teeth continued to fall out, just the enamel cover, the roots were fine, and firing.

Oh, yeah, as I lay there post-dream, I tried another experiment and got the crystal clear message WARDENS OF PEGASUS. So, if this were at all relevant and not just the act of self-deceptive mind-danger, I'd say we look towards the constellation of Pegasus for our extra-dimensional neighbours.

IN THE CONSTELLATION PEGASUS: 51 Pegasi (abbreviated 51 Peg) is a Sun-like star located 50.9 light-years (15.6 parsecs) from Earth in the constellation Pegasus. It was the first extrasolar Sun-like star found to have a planet orbiting it. Maybe this is where we should be looking. Maybe the whole universe is festooned with earth-like planets brimming with intelligent likfe, like ours (well, I say intelligent...)

ADDITIONAL TIDBITS IN 2012:  Andrew D Basiago claims he was (as a child) part of PROJECT PEGASUS, a space-time travelling Pentagon/Darpa black-budget program from the 1970's using 'chronovision', that's TIME VIEWING. Claims include 'trips to Mars' and 'the Rumsfeld/9-11 connection'. It's all wonderfully fanciful, so uniquely inventive, as to be IMPOSSIBLE TO BE TRUE.

Here's a full interview with the man, WARDENS OF PEGASUS, indeed.

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