Tuesday, March 01, 2011

1994 UFO encounter by 62 children at Ariel School, Ruwa, Zimbabwe

I don't normally go for this UFO = Alien Visitors nonsense but this case, from Zimbabwe in 1994, really struck a nerve. I was mostly convinced of the authenticity of the children's story by the reaction of the teachers in the school in this nine minutes clip from the Stephanie Allix documentary EXPERIENCERS.


muzuzuzus said...

Yes this is a very powerful video. Especially when told that the children did not have UFO image saturation via the media which many 'sceptics' claim is why people have experiences in especially the U.S.

What also interests me is when some of the kids speak they got the idea that 'we' are doing damage to planet earth. This 'message' corresponds to other messages given to other people claiming contact with 'ETs' where they have been shown images of the effects human ignorance is having on the natural environment!

tangel476 said...

UFOs could be a sick psy experiment.

Mike Philbin said...

well, sure ... isn't that THE GAME after all?