Monday, March 28, 2011

Channel 4 - Dispathces - BP in deep water

as evidenced by my recent Britain's Secret Fat Cats post and the not-so-recent Inside Britain's Israel Lobby post, the Channel 4 programme Dispatches is once again attracting my interest.

This week they examine the phrase, "Oil is money, oil is Mi6, oil is Government," think about this when you watch mainstream media reports from oil-rich countries like Libya and realise that BP has its oily corporate fingers in all the major pies of geo-political significance.

BP is one of the largest companies in the world and plays an important role in the British economy through UK pension funds, the billions of pounds of tax it pays and as a major employer in the UK.

A year on from the start of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, journalist Greg Palast examines the role of BP in this spill as well as similar incidents in the past and examines its contracts with oil-producing nations and relationship with the British government.

Until this episode of Dispatches arrives on 4oD (at the link above) check out this 'MAKING OF' PAGE for more details...

If we're really after eradicating DESPOTS and TYRANTS, next stop Azerbajan then for the NATO punishment machine, eh?

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