Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Conversations with the Earth community - 11-20 March, Oxford

11-20 March at the Old Book Binders,
9 Green Street,
East Oxford,

This exhibition combines impressive photo-stories with moving community videos from indigenous communities that live in critical ecosystems around the world. From Samoans working to save their coastal homes, to Maasai villagers responding to cattle-devastating drought, to Inuit dealing with sick fish. These first hand accounts of indigenous communities' experiences of climate change are not only dramatic, they also inspire us with their positive attitudes and inventive coping mechanisms. [source CONVERSATIONS WITH THE EARTH]

I've been invited to check out this festival by a local activist, apparently it's someone I've never met but who 'speeds past me' on their bike quite regularly and knew of the FREE PLANET blog.

Now, if you wanna be cynical, there's a SIGNIFICANT pro-"Climate Change" message associated with this the 'conversations with the earth' group and this festival in Oxford - and you'll have to decide for yourselves if this one's for you. Personally, (as you'll see from the week-long PROGRAMME if you look) there are some very interesting presentations about indigenous involvement with the future of our homeworld.

I'm very skeptical that you can have a complimentary 'indigenous response' to the RISK game utilising corporate thievery and rape of our planet, you can't just put corporate drones in tribal headdress or indigenous in Versace suits. The two just don't mix. Their opposing views of the very same planet is AT ODDS, oil and water.


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