Monday, March 14, 2011

Dispatches - Channel 4 - Britain's secret fat cats

watching tonight's DISPATCHES show on Channel 4 and they're highlighting the private companies rape of our own government's services. Dispatches investigates whether the beneficiaries of the government's cuts are in fact private outsourcing companies. Click the above Dispatches link to watch on 4oD right now - here's a sample of the sort of claims being made on the show.

David Cameron's government, "We will be a fully open government and will publish all our dealings."

Dispatches question, "Can you tell us about the secret "MEMOS OF UNDERSTANDING" between yourselves and G4S, Serco and Capita?"

David Cameron's government, "Sorry, that's not us. You'd have to get that information from the private companies themselves. Sorry."

So, a proclaimed government openness and transparency, but a corporate NDA prison world of conspiracy, and loadsajobs and loadsamoney for private service providers while teachers are being kicked out onto the streets, libraries are being closed, benefits & pensions you've already paid for with the relevant PAYE contributions will be cut right back and YOU WILL HAVE TO LIVE IN ABJECT POVERTY to boot.

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