Monday, March 07, 2011

Project Bluebird - Franklin Ruehl - corporate mind control

I love these 'urban myths' like MK Ultra and Project Monarch and Project Bluebird and Project Stargate. They have their own superstars like Cathy O'Brien and Arizona Wilder and Ingo Swann oh and half the people in Hollywood Global Mind Control Department appear to have been child-abused at some point in their lives, that's what they're saying.

Look, I'm not even a really big fan of the 'psychic research' or 'remote viewing' aspects of the later parts of Franklin Ruehl's investigation into Corporate Mind Control. For me, you're an an electrical system that has a magnetic field, and so what?

But the whole world seems fascinated with this subject; there are a whole series of websites like this one dedicated to this area of existence. It's getting more and more difficult (for this blogger) to decipher the SPIN from the FACTS.

I mean, who can't say that, these days?

The dumber we are, the easier Government's job is - fact.

The real crime is THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICES don't know their ass from their elbow, by NEED TO KNOW design.

They're all like a pack of ringwormed dogs chasing their tails.

OPEN UP ALL GOVERNMENT FILES is what's needed -- finally, we need a FULL ACCOUNTING of what 'game' those elected and unelected idiots have been sanctioning for all those decades since Watergate showed us the Rule Corrupts or Stalin showed us that Rule Corrupts or Caligula showed us THAT FUCKING RULE FUCKING CORRUPTS.

But we haven't learned, we didn't listen all the other hundreds of times we put OUR BLOOD, OUR SWEAT, OUR TEARS in the hands of people who should never have been allowed to rule.

We, the SEVEN BILLION individuals of FREE PLANET need to come together and realise that this is our homeworld for all our benefit, not some 'board game' for a ridiculous game of global RISK.

But will we?

Doubtful, on past evidence - we're pussies, and they know it.


Robert said...

Actually MK Ultra and Monarch are no Urban Myths, but reality. They were exposed in the 70s. Although alot of the project documents were shredded to avoid disclosure, enough were still left to paint a picture.
You can find a piece of the congressional hearings at:

MK Ultra was an Agency project on mind control amongst some other things. Monarch was the early on version. You can find formerly highly classified documents on these projects that have been declassified. Bluebird was right up their to.

The Stargate Project was a master code name for a host of sub projects dealing with so called remote viewing. The projects were active from the late 60s/70s through 1995. As I recall after 25 years the CIA dropped the projects and didn't fund them anymore. They had some sucess. You can get the formerly classified documents that have been released off of the CIA web site, or others in CD form.

So far from being a "urban Myth" this was in fact reality.

That being said, not everthing, that everybody these days are claiming to be mind control is mind control work or experiments. There are some people that have mental issues and need treatment by professionals.

Mike Philbin said...


you'll notice I put 'urban myths' in those little 'markers'?