Sunday, April 24, 2011

Best damned ice cream product - Magnum Almond

I'll admit, I have a sweet tooth and I like ice cream same as any living human. I love my Cornettos. I love my Malteser ice cream bars. I love my Viennetta. I even love my basic 99, ice cream with a flake in it.

You'll also realise that Free Planet doesn't take any corporate sponsorship or payed advertising and is not affiliated with any PROFIT-making Conglomerate concern, so this ice cream review comes from the bottom of my heart; well taste buds, throat and stomach.


I've eaten several of the Magnum ice cream products, and didn't like all of them (in fact the white chocolate one was not good), but this Magnum Almond is the "best damned ice cream product" I've eaten in a long while.

Seriously, congrats to all who put that combination of items together into a tasty treat. And, please Magnum, don't think of sending me a retail shipment of 'Almond's, the tiny freezer at the top of my fridge will store no more than eight of your delicious little treats at a time.


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