Saturday, April 30, 2011

Free Planet - this is the End of Games

"Or even, why should we Cope? I mean this is the, the Basic Question is, 'Who the Hell', you know why should we, as sort of SEVEN BILLION INDIVIDUALS on a Particularly Paradisic Planet, listen to these People Playing Games. For me, this should be the End of Games. I don't want any more Games for Profit. I don't want any more Games for Territorial or Asset Stripping. Just forget the Games. End the Games. I wanna have Fun on this Planet and That should be It."

That's all you need for a Free Planet.

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I watched the Royal Wedding yesterday, from Los Angeles. It was a masterful production, absolutely perfect. If today, British troops were ordered into Syria or Iran, it would be like off to the Somme once again. Cheering mobs would follow the boys to the transport aircraft flying them to battle. And I found myself caught up in the pageantry, knowing full-well it's role in the social control necessary for Empire.

Another insight I had is that here in the colonies, we have nothing comparable. John Kennedy and Jackie were called American Royalty, which may have been one of the many factors leading to his demise. As LaRouche has said for years, our seat of government is in the City of London. Royalty is not just a shibboleth. It is a sigil of Empire. When we can free our minds, we can be a Free Planet. Unfortunately, most people in the West don't wish to be free, or even alive. Most wish to live vicariously through others on the tube.