Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free Planet - the greatest love of all

If you're a purist, you might say the George Benson version is the best.
If you're a Pop Idol zombie, you might say the Whitney Houston version is the best.
But WE ALL KNOW which is the best version of "The Greatest Love of All", Randy Watson of Sexual Chocolate from the film Coming To America.

You're probably wondering why in God's name I'm approaching the subject of this latest Free Planet post in such a light-fingered or throw-away fashion. But you know nothing about me. You nothing about my motivation for doing what I do.

This is an attempt to show you how "I" am. Not "Who" I am, I mean we all know my name by now. But "name" means nothing on Free Planet. We are nothing more than the sum of our input, our Earth-protecting force, our shared global experience. You're wondering why I didn't choose either of the former versions of that great and meaningful song, the Benson or the Houston version. Well, my choice, as moronic and simplistic as it seems was nothing more than a ruse. A way to fish you in to the reality we'll all need to face, all too soon.

Everything you are, everything you do, everything you hope to be has a fifty year lifespan, from this point. I did some sums in an older post, something about 'allowing 35,000,000 people to die every year so that we can get Free Planet back to the point where it is fully self-sustainable, for both the flora and the fauna, and the humans. But that wasn't even true. If we only allowed 35,000,000 people to die each year, it would still take us TWO HUNDRED YEARS to start to bring this planet to a state of replenishment, a place of rejuvenation, a place of real creativity, passion and kinship.

But you forget, every person reading this post NOW, right now, Saturday the 14th of May 2011 will likely be dead in, before, or slightly after the year 2061. The 35,000,000 figure is only the net figure. But if we stop pro-creating our viral species into our viral Corporate War cultures across this ruined land, we'll accelerate the death of humanity in a logarithmic fashion towards the 2061 deadline. Why so morbid?

Well, just to show you that THIS TIME YOU'RE ALIVE is the most important time, not only for you, but for Free Planet. Only by acting within this fifty year window, will humanity be able to prove its worthiness as a memorable species that existed alongside the cockroaches, the ants and the dinosaurs. If we do nothing with the last fifty years of our communal life force, that's it.


Remember, "Be nice," is the only Commandment you need to remember, eh John Niven?

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