Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Planet visits San Patrignano's drug-free world

for centuries, we've been punishing people who are struggling to earn a living (criminals we call them) by putting them in prisons where they ROT and they learn all about the SORDID tricks of how not to integrate back into normal life after their release. Once a criminal, always a criminal. Once a thinker, always a terrorist, eh?

Prison is useless to Free Planet. People should feel that they are a PART OF THIS HOMEWORLD and their contribution is infinitely important. They shouldn't need to steal to live, Free Planet will provide all they need. There are several ways to do this and none of them involve Big Society, Common Purpose, The Intelligence Community, Organised Religion, Conglomerate Profit/Loss Accounts or Corporate War Global Governance.

Here's an inspirational video about the San Patrignano retreat from BBC2's "Two Greedy Italians"

San Patrignano's Mission

To welcome and rehabilitate socially marginalized individuals and drug addicts without any social, political, or religious discrimination.

To offer this service completely free of charge to those who need it and their families, and without requesting government allocations.

To put an end to addiction and social marginalization through individualized paths to recovery based on dignity, honesty, responsibility, respect for oneself and others.

To use professional training as an instrument for the total social rehabilitation of the people welcomed into the community

To provide support to families, and create initiatives advancing drug abuse prevention and education for a drug free world.

To collect economic resources through our activities, as well as through private and public contributions necessary for and consistent with the development of our mission.


MaidenPEI said...

OMG...ther IS still some love & sanity left in the world! :)

Like the guy at the end said...I don't know what to say.

I guess, like him, my tears say it all.

Thank-you for sharing this heartwarming video.


Mike Philbin said...


when I saw it I hoped that some kind fellow would feel the same and upload it. And they did. Isn't it great. Motivating.

No one's a criminal, they're just creative beings who've missed a turning, is all.

Free Planet.