Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) talking about the SECOND attempt to blow up the World Trade Center

"blame what on the muslims, naturally?" the SECOND attempt to blow up the World Trade Center? Well, we all know about the first attempt in 1993, that bomb in the basement. Then they must be talking about that event that happened on September 11 2001? But that didn't happen until FIVE YEARS AFTER this film was in the can. Do they really plan THAT FAR AHEAD? And make Hollywood films about it?

I'm only posting this now because I'd never seen The Long Kiss Goodnight, or I might have mentioned it before. In fact, though it's a great catch, I'm surprised it's not more regularly mentioned, like the LONE GUNMAN episode that used auto-controlled plane to crash into Pentagon. I bet the official excuse will be something along the lines of, "Osama Bin Laden got the idea for 9-11 from this Hollywood film," where he also learned how to make the US Air Force STAND DOWN when three or more domestic flights veered off their published flight path without being intercepted, for about an hour or so. Damn clever film-making.

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