Monday, May 02, 2011

my Video Vista review of The Tourist on DVD

The Tourist is the new DVD starring Johnny Deppe and Angelina Jolie. It's a spy thriller set in Venice. What could possibly go wrong?

I kept watching, though, while plastic actors strolled uneasily through ballroom scenes and mega-bucks undercover accounts were blown via the gross incompetence of corporate espionage drones, and it hit me. The game. It's all a massive waste of money. And I felt shocked. I mean. Stop. This is your money they're wasting.

What? Yeah, I've dropped out of the movie review a bit, this is the real world. The intelligence services are throwing millions (billions) of your tax dollars around to play the corporate war game where no-one seems to know which hand they've just wiped their arse with. What? Oh, Venezuela went up in a ball of smoke, no worry old chap it was all insured. It's basically a blank-cheque economy of private-interest protection schemes (patents) and counter-terrorism lampoonery (aka: not knowing who your friends are in a sticky situation in, say, Libya). Anyway, this is a film review, not gruesome, garish, gut-wrenching reality - so, back to it:
[source my Video Vista review of the atrocious film The Tourist]

It's not that this is 'just a bad film lacking pace, substance and narrative cohesion', it's that it ONCE AND FOR ALL exposes (for this reviewer at least) the utter shambolic waste of You The People's blood, sweat and tears - in the name of 'entertainment', in the name of National Security.

Shameful waste. Shameful.

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