Sunday, May 15, 2011

Strategic Communication Laboratories - vote winners, conflict transformers, mind changers

for those who read my post about The Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of, here's another great global player you've probably not been made aware of by your Conglomerate Overlords, SCL:

SCL made its public debut in September 2005* with a glitzy exhibit occupying prime real estate at Defense Systems & Equipment International 2005, or DSEI, the United Kingdom's largest showcase for military technology. The main attraction was a full-scale mock-up of its ops center, running simulations ranging from natural disasters to political coups," Sharon Weinberger writes for Slate in an article entitled YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH.

SCL is a multi-disciplined behavioural research and intervention agency established to address the need for a scientific and verifiable approach to often life critical communication campaigns - such as conflict transformation, humanitarian disasters, and programmes of political and social reform.

In 1989 a group of renowned academics and a consortium of international investors collaborated to establish the first academic think-tank specialising in the Science of Communication. Together they formed the Behavioural Dynamics Institute, and created a powerful persuasion methodology for communication that could be used to change the behaviour of audience groups.

In 1990 the first field trials for this methodology were undertaken by SCL Ltd, a project management and implementation company, who successfully broke up a strike at a UK car transporting plant. The following year, SCL was credited with saving Lloyds of London by using scientific communication to persuade its many then financially crippled investors to reinvest a further £1bn.

A string of further successes in the commercial sector encouraged SCL to offer its unique capability to International Militaries for independent critical evaluation*. Following a comprehensive analysis of the methodology and thorough assessment of its effectiveness, SCL Defence now supplies the world's leading militaries, including both the US and UK Departments of Defence.

Over the same period, SCL also offered its TAA methodology to governments and political Parties worldwide. To undertake this work SCL established SCL Elections and since 1994 SCL Elections has provided the research, strategy and execution for over 23 election campaigns - WITHOUT LOSS.

In 2009, SCL expanded and refocused its operation on the commercial and social sectors. For this purpose, SCL Social and SCL Behavioural were established. SCL Social applies behavioural methodology to assist with programmes of social change, while SCL Behavioural is specialist in providing both behavioural methodology and effects-based strategy to the commercial worlds of advertising and marketing.

In today's global information environment, where perception is everything, SCL has the knowledge, the people and the experience to offer world leaders, their militaries and commercial organisations powerful and effective behavioural change research, strategy and interventions.
[source SCL]

based on the last paragraph alone, do you still believe your 'social networks' and your 'mainstream media' aren't trying to shape THE WAY YOU THINK?

*yeah, 2005 is SCL's first public appearance from under their influencial cloak, two months after the 777 London Bombings that got us into Iraq via Blair.

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